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Bones - ExoticBambooFlooring lyrics


Bathhouse, smoking, TeamSESH on my robe
Blowing up smoke till the ceiling of the room
Bamboo floor and my neck made of jewels
Cool when you got so far so soon
Feeling like a kid again, anything I drew
I could bring to life, now I feel like I do
Poison in my veins, I left too soon
Wish that you were here written on my tomb

No, don't talk to me
You better run from me
Gather up your drug money
Better call company
You gon' need a doll if you really wanna run shit
Make sure you in the river, see me once then it's done, bitch

SESH till I rest (till I rest) [2x]

Drew the Architect, Jayvee

Cover: Bones - ExoticBambooFlooring
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