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Bones ft. Danny Brown - SeanPaulWasNeverThereToGimmeTheLight lyrics


Give me the light, dope rolled up tight
Like some under armor

Playing with my nose, froze up, the centre lost it
Nigga say that Coca-Cola like a soul controller
Hit a couple lines and I told my nigga roll-up
Left some blood on my Rollie when I went and wiped my nose up
It's a cold, cold world, gotta stay frosty
Kinda hard for me to keep these urges up off me
Demons on my back and they won't get off me
I escape but in the end it always costs me

God, I think I lost
Don't even know
Scared what I'mma do so I don't go out in public
I be like "fuck"
Nigga got some hoes up
Glass skins skis so we all get frozed up
Never get enough
Can someone help me
Think I've fallen and I can't get up
Never get enough even though it ain't right
In these dark times just gimme that light

Give me the light, dope rolled up tight
Like some under armor

Blade in my coat, I don't need to scope
Shadow in the snow, yep, that's Bones
Never had hope, no, that's just no
Came from the place where the kids-kids smoke
Bitch, you can talk, just don't double cross me
Catch you after eight like great lakes crossing
Buck knife on me, do a little carving
For my next trick, you appear in the coffin

Render you worthless, life isn't perfect
You don't deserve it, I flip it, inversion
I be that one, yeah, the witch that done cursed ya
Perforate permanent, forever hurting
Cast me a spell, vanish behind the curtains
Take on the physical form of exertion
Remember the day that we robbed the excursion
Easy to break in when friends are recurring
Needed the deliverance, got us some cash
Woke up with rats fell asleep in the trash
I shut my eyes and try to go back
Nah, I'm too cashed, can you riddle me that?

Sean Paul was never there to gimme the light
He was too busy getting his temperature right

Give me the light, dope rolled up tight
Like some under armor
Cover: Bones ft. Danny Brown - SeanPaulWasNeverThereToGimmeTheLight
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