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Bones - TheDeadMansTrunk lyrics

I could breathe wrong and trigger them all
You don't gotta say shit when you on
Walking proof that a human can do wrong
Make you a new symbol, send you home, like tell them all
Thought that you could play me 'fore a bitch, I make a call
No, it's not for backup, it's for you to break it down
Give me what you got 'cause I bet I ain't have that
Don't give me like Affleck, I drop you like the NASDAQ
Get you to a dashed path flash when we pass that
House where you at, at location, we done cashed that
All I've ever wanted was the face to face contact
Hold up, what you say, bitch, Bones didn't catch that

Stray facts, quickly react, bitch, I push your brain back
Hey, dad, we came up ourselves, no one can say that

I ain't the reason you buzzin'
I think that you that buzzin'
My boy, you ain't got me confused
Thinking I'll pull out the safe
And no reason to aim it at random and let off a few
I got a trunk with a lock and key
That I stash in the woods for one day to be used
I truly hope that somebody will stray far away
Enough from the path and be ready to view

Secrets unleashed with one twist of the key
Studied to the n-th degree, die and report back to me

Cover: Bones - TheDeadMansTrunk
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