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Serum & Inja - Blow Them Away lyrics

Serum, Inja
The return
Haha, yo

Now blow them away [x?]
Now blow them away [x3]

Yo, my finger's on the red button
I'll tell the man to say nothing
They wanna try leave with their life
I've got the silencer to done shot 'em
Bullet in their mouth
I don't wanna see bluffing
You're cold steel
I'm not running
On sight aim
I'm not fussing
Satellite phone on to a Russian
My man's cussing
Talking of something
Done rush him
Cheeks red like I'm buzzing
And I wanna offload and buss 'em
But I need password and code crushing
Between their eyes
Imma plug them
Or set them free and go hunting
Man deals with my job
Imma kill all the sods
When my silencer, it start bussing

Now blow them away [x?]
Now blow them away [x3]

Yo, I'm cocking back on that hammer
Reload and then banger
Computer chip in my pocket
Escape route in my swagger
Dropping land mines in my stagger
Detonation device in my grammar
Full view, I'm gon' plan on
Taking out targets, draw for the dagger
One by one, Imma silence the manor
I scan her
Attention, alert to the planner
Man left for dead, you don't matter
Assassin code, I'm not badder
Man play snake, I draw ladder
My silence will silence the chatter
Imma exit the building then blow up the spot
Then disappear, no cliffhanger

Now blow them away [x?]

Serum, Inja
The return
Haha, yo

Now blow them away [x?]
Cover: Serum & Inja - Blow Them Away
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  • 2017

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  • Jun 30, 2017 by Rez
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