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Bones - CA$EYJONE$ lyrics

Young Jeff Hardy, Swanton Bombing
I’m comin' down like Owen Hart but I ain’t fucking fallin'
I’d rather fall in style, so you may call it fly
But I don’t like to use these words other people like
I’d rather that you hate me, your girl she want to rape me
She say that I’m the best but I ain’t really into labels
Voted in school 'number one most hated'
Voted in life 'most likely to fuckin' make it' so I made it, bitch
Now take it, don’t fake it, I know you fuckin' like it
18 livin' life how I motherfuckin' wanna
Y'all sittin' at your mom's wishing you could get out
Can’t relate, left the house when I turned 16, fuck you talkin' 'bout?
Fresh up out the slaughterhouse, fire-young dragon mouth
Jean jacket, shredded pants, Casey Jones in the house
The heat in the drought, the breeze in the night
The weed in the blunt and the flame that make it light

Breakin' these necks and I’m gettin' respect
Cuttin' these bitches like cuttin' these checks
And I’m fuckin' these beats like I’m fuckin' my bitch
And I’m fuckin' my bitch like I’m bustin' my clip
Like ‘bang, bang’ and reload it, I cock back then I shoot it
See, I'm a night rat till I O.D. or some shit real stupid
It’s like these females think I’m Cupid, they always actin' goofy
Bitch, I don’t fuckin' like you therefore I don’t want to do it
Hoe, I pull up in that Prowler, blunt lit, loud up
In the backseat, rollin' bones up, my graveyard too piled up

They tell me stop smokin', but I don’t give a fuck
Throw a middle finger up, fuck you and your fuckin' God
Bitch, I pray to myself, I am the most highest
These rappers, they say they smokin' but we know they fucking lying
They just trying to appeal to the kids, well, bitch, I am one
Hot Sauce flow, breakin' ankles like And-1
Kidnap the beat, leave a note for ransom
Young Heartbreak Kid, bitch, your mom think I’m handsome

Yeah, SESH, bitch
Cover: Bones - CA$EYJONE$

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