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Bones - EmeraldAshtray lyrics

Clean [6x]

I'm cool, I'm rad
I'm good, I'm bad
I'm cute, I'm hot
I'm dope, you not
I flow, you don't
I roll, I smoke
I'm crack, I'm coke
I'm high, I'm low

I'm glad you mad
I'm smilin', you sad
You lyin', you cryin'
You tryin' but can't
I'm sippin', I'm drinkin'
You home, you thinkin'
You see me, you wishin'
On my chains 'cause they glisten'

Like stars at night
You loose, I'm tight
I'm rappin', you can't
I'm water, I'm fire
I'm ground, I'm earth
I'm death, I'm birth
I'm clouds, I'm birds
I'm hard, you nerf

You suck, I don't
I fuck, I loathe
I'm love, I'm hate
I'm everything that you ain't
You hear me, you copy
I'm clean, you sloppy
You pullin' up in jalopies
Bitch, I'm swervin' off in that 'Rari

Like it's 1996 again
Cold like it's Michigan
Yellow Testarossa, what you find
Bones whippin', man
Do this shit for my team
You can sip that lean
I'mma sip my water
I'mma spit so clean

Clean [5x]
What? Yeah, yeah

I'm clean [4x]

You suck
Really though, like, you're just a fan
Like, stop
Just stop wastin' time in your life
Like, you're gonna die
And regret wastin' all your time
Trynna be somebody else
Fuck you

Cover: Bones - EmeraldAshtray

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