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Bones - JonathanTaylorThomas lyrics

Young Jonathan Taylor Thomas, ridin' in a Hummer
See, bitches like Joe, they see me they start to stutter
I'm sittin' on butter, I'm smokin' till the sun up
And then I roll another and let it burn like Usher
Jenny from the block looking, bitch, just stop
You thinkin' that you hard but you just a fuckin' bop
You'll never get respect, they'll never cut the check
Bitch, don't hold your breath less you wanna meet death

I got a new blade, I'm tryna break it in
I'm hopin' that you come up with some shit so we can get it
See Bones let em' have it
I'm creepin' through the alley
I hit the blunt once, and fly away like Lenny Kravitz

See, I ain't even rappin'
See, flowin's just a habit
I hope you know what happens if you try to bring me static
I'm cuttin' off the lights, you runnin' for your life
But really you just runnin' till you run into my knife

Dark cold forest, precipitation pourin'
See just because you die, doesn't mean that you're important
Nobody gon' miss ya, I promise give it time
The memory of you will slowly fade up in they minds
Your room gets changed, your clothes put away
There's nothing like you left it and it hurts to even breathe
The smile on your parents just to think it's their intentions
They're sayin' that you'll make it, but they know you'll never make it

I'm rollin' fast, I'm smokin' slow
I'm gettin' cash, I'm blowin' smoke


Cover: Bones - JonathanTaylorThomas
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