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Bones - LavenderScrub lyrics

Organic shampoo's with the lavender scrub
Out the shower, hair drippin' while I'm ravelling blunts
Granola with the almonds, hundred candles make it calmer
Sunny days, blinds closed, Bones never was a charmer

You talk about them commas, all I see is whips and bottles
We maintain our drugs in water, smoke and call it aquaponics
A self sustaining home with tempered glass, when it gets hotter
Seven filters on the septic, clean water for the garden
My compost fills, stretching, looking at the hills
Coring apples, cuttin' carrots, washing berries, rippin' peels

I stretch, I breathe, real deep
I eat, I sleep, I stretch
I breathe, I eat, I sleep
I sesh, I stretch [2x]
I breathe

Cover: Bones - LavenderScrub
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