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Bones - BamMargera lyrics

Riding off in the Chevy (Chevy)
Dope in the trunk is heavy (heavy)
Bitches on me, they ready (ready)
I don't even gotta say nothing (nothing)
Somehow they just love me (love me)
Somehow they just trust me (trust me)

Say I'm pretty fly for a white guy
I feel like David Duchovny (what?)
I'm lookin' like Bam Margera (Margera)
I flip a bitch into a manual (manual)

I got something they can't handle (no)
Try to run up and get handled (what?)
Let me replenish my levels (levels)
I got my blunts and I'm rollin' (rollin')
I been dead for a minute, now my body couldn't get colder (colder)


Back to the mother fuckin' plan
Creep through the night with the blade in my hand
Sleep in the day, wake up with the moon
Double cross me and I'll see you soon
I don't need a god, I just need you [2x]


Cover: Bones - BamMargera

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