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Bones - Windows95 lyrics

I need you now more than ever
All these bitches tryin' to get me
I need you to keep me level
I need you to come and save me
I want you to come and get me
I need you to fuckin' prove
Everything you said won't all be untrue
I'm down, that's just for you
It's all just me, I knew
Exactly what would happen if you really had to choose


College in the winter, gonna leave soon
Tell me where I fit in just between me and you
Not tryin' to be the reason you goin' to hate me in the end
I'm not tryin' to be your friend, I'm not tryin' be pretend
Fake words, real tears, know the story never ends
Everyday another chance, you don't even fuckin' care
Put myself inside your hands, didn't know what that would do
Left me outside in the rain, gettin' dark, what do I do?
Deep breaths on the stoop, Backwoods gettin' smoked
All alone with my brothers, never catch me in the clubs


Leave you all behind, I could start a-fuckin'-new
I could wake up everyday and I could never think of you
I wish that you truly knew what the fuck you needed to do
Maybe shit would've worked, maybe then I thought you knew

Leave you all behind

Cover: Bones - Windows95

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