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Grandmilly & Bones - Lords of the Underground lyrics

Smokin' weed, sippin' lean
Aimin' an strap then collect that cream
Triple 6 Devil just ain't my dreams
Pull out and pop it if ya'll outta pocket
Divine intervention, my nigga, we smokin'
Swaggin' on stage and you know that I'm locin'
Tripped up, burn it down
Cash on the Endo
Yo bitch lovin' me sex like a nympho

Making my rounds, passin' on pussy if beef is around
Weight of the world and there's hills on my shoulders
Cop me a quarter, and grab me some roll-up
Wireless like a Xbox controller
If your nigga got deals on the Yola
Tell em' hit my cellphone, I be over

Drama consuming my set
Breaking these niggas off, can I catch breath?
Tropical flowers inhale to my chest
Cropping these niggas up outta like spicks
Blast for me actually saying my name
Grandmilly and Raiders, the clan in the gang
Cock it and hit you and watch your brain tag
Lords of The Underground bringin' the pain

Don't get caught up in the hype
Nigga 'round here you lose your life
Jackin' these niggas for their hoes
And getting real dirty with my sprites
Original man, please understand
Me and [email protected] Kid got the world in our hands

Never gon' stop, never gon' flop
At yo bitch house and you bet she gon' pop
She twerkin', I'm rollin'
She lickin', I'm smokin'
She moanin', I'm goin'
She comin' on top
Feed that bitch drugs, then I watch her overdose
Roll a blunt and finally fuck 'cause now we both ghosts

Both ghosts (now we both ghosts)
I roll a blunt, we finally fuck
'Cause now we both ghosts
Both ghosts, both ghosts
I roll a blunt, we finally fuck
'Cause now we both ghosts

Steppin' out on the scene
Feelin' like it's '93
House shoes with a big blunt and a big clean white tee
Just popped me a bean
On the block with the fiends
Making money my damn self, got profit all in my jeans
My skin tone look white, but at night time I'm black
I disappear like I'm reptile
Bitch, I bring that com-bat
Never am I strapped
But best believe that these raiders are
Comin' down, it's rainin' hard
And I'm Yung Rain, The Thunder God
Cover: Grandmilly & Bones - Lords of the Underground

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