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Bones - PalletTown lyrics

I'm on a journey like I just left Pallet Town
Young Ash Ketchum, snapback flipped around
'Cause I'm ready to battle anyone in my path'll
Get hydro pumped and fire blasted
You are just trainer, me I am the master
My flow is so Elite Four, like gate badges
They say the beauty pageant, but if it ever was
It's safe to say that I've already won
See I've already done everything that you doing
I've already thought every thought that is brewing
Inside your little brain
Thoughts of mixtape names
Which one should you choose, stop, just watch me
I can show you how to take your dreams and catch 'em all
No nets, no traps, no master balls
I could show you how to rule the world with one flow
But first I just wanna make sure you know that

You're not like me, I'm not like you
You probably hate me, I probably hate you too
You don't know me and I don't know you
But if I were you I'd probably hate me too

Fresh from, uh, Professor Oak's house
I just got my fuckin' starter
I just fuckin' whooped Gary's dumb ass

Cover: Bones - PalletTown

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