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Bones - Coinstar lyrics

Stage shakin', life changin'
I swear last year was at the coinstar clankin'
Droppin' pennies down stuck, now gotta shake it
Rewind 5 years, was the young vagrant
See through ya mind, walkin', my mind racin'
Turn around and see the world, say they'll never make it
Old teachers, old people said I couldn’t make it
A dollar droppin' outta school, but I stayed patient
Now my blunts worth a week of work, fuck your raises
White skin, blue sky, new conversation
In a land where the snow doesn’t touch the pavement
Roll a backwood full 'cause my veins empty
Not above any behaviour, no, don’t tempt me
Love when the light glistens when it hit my razor
They always jaded, always fakin'
Keep it up and watch your little crowd turn vacant
Never done evolving, I'm forever in the makin'
My philosophy of goals reach out and take it
And I’ve yet to put my arm back to normal placement
Fuckin' up the world every time I show my face and
I contribute to the scene with every fuckin' cadence
I create a new lane every time it's needed
Undefeated, they all conceited
No matter how many faces they put on, I can see it
It really hurts you, I’ve really cursed you
Anytime we change the world, you change your virtue
Forever nervous, never working
They like ya surface but hate ya purpose

Give it up, give it up
Bitch, it's not worth it

Came through the door like nWo
Put it on pause when we walk in the room
I'm getting just what I wanted and more
I could show you but I promise you won't
Bet you got dreams but I bet that you don't
Follow the lead when you feel in your bones
Maybe this will work out but you never do it
So you never will know

Never will know [6x]

Cover: Bones - Coinstar

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