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Bones - KeepTellingYourselfThat lyrics


The boy in the bubble, the furthest from trouble
When I look at you it's like "damn"
You give me sympathy practically instantly
I feel so bad, like how could I be mad?
You on some shit I don’t want
You on some shit I done did
We all got idols
But don’t feel too high up
And fall to untimely end

Go ahead out with your friends
I'mma stay in and make ends meet like a blind date
Fuck what the time say
If it ain't 5 to sesh then I can't
You yet to see the best that I can
Earth will end if Bones get uncanned
Sherpa lined everything, let them see every stain
59 everyday burnt to the membrane

Flashback slumped in the breezeway
Thinkin' I can't do this shit forever
Fuck doing their way, I'mma go my way
100 highways not long enough for my race
I'mma take it further than that
All these pussies think they take it further than rap
No, you take it nowhere quick
Nobody give a fuck 'bout the money that you get

And if you convince yourself any different
It's safe to say you gone and been missing
Off in a land I could have predicted
Molded by thoughts of those who don’t get ya

The scum has arisen
And no, bitch, don't tempt me
'Cause I have been patiently waiting for my time to lose it
Please come and offend me

Feeling something like Larry David
Observe the world and then I get to shamin'
Shit go wrong, I'm the one they blamin'
While the rest get on stage and they blow it like Kramar
Stranger, stranger, who really stranger?
'Cause I don't know you but I know my anger
Worried about your album, say you need more bangers
Bones never approach that ledge with danger
Say you a star, end the conversation
Me and my brothers make the constellation
I'mma get it now, I'm far from patient
Can't sit still, I forever go crazy
The store clerk know what I need when I walk in
Who bought out the bricks, first night that they got in
Who got what they need, when they need it I'll drop hints
I'm pointing all over like I promise it's not him

Cover: Bones - KeepTellingYourselfThat

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  • 2016

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