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Bones - RightOnSchedule lyrics

I get so cashed I don’t notice I’m breathing still
I'm the white nightmare, I’m the proof that dreams are real
Saw me then there's no question they see me still
Don’t act like a stranger, my angle of dangers real

The king of the dead, the lord of the graves
The lower the sun, the colder the shade
It's hardest to tame the waves in my brain
The riot inside me is breaking the cage
Unleash your rage, still I’m standing unfazed
I promise you won’t bat a lash in my face
No matter how many shows ever sell out
I will ditch it mid, set to show you what I mean

And you'll never get my confirmation
They get inspired then shun the inspiration
I'm feeling like I'm on another planet
I use to creep all night just like a bandit

Here we go [16x]

Know I put on, put on, put on every time
Know I put on, put on, put on every night

Came a long way, you do it the wrong way
We do it the right way every night, hey

Cover: Bones - RightOnSchedule

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