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$uicideboy$ - Pontiac $unfire lyrics

A million miles of crooked smiles
Tainted dreams, with ill lit walls
The life you dreamt, but didn†™t mean
They sung your praise, while they took it all

Burning all my cash
Sip and dash
Gotta find a way to close the fucking gash
In the back of my fucking head
What I†™m thinking keeps leaking out
I don†™t want them to know what I†™m thinking now
Now they asking why I†™m singing now
Bitch, I'm bored of fucking raps and I'm bringing out my guns
I'd dap you up but my hands busy holding the gun to my skull

Bitch, I told 10 Deep to keep your free clothes
Then me, $lick, and Smurf peaced out to go blow some clean dro
Worship the devil so people don't fuck with me
But it's okay 'cause I don't fuck with people
They don't understand our fucking lingo
Keep on digging myself into a deep hole

Everybody got a full clip
Always be fucking the same
Bitch, don't tell me how you're different
Shut the fuck up boy and listen
Couple hundred in my Swisha
Bitch, I'm smoking on whatever
Don†™t let that bullshit affect us
'Cause we ain†™t ever gonna let up
Make one call and you handled
I know some men with no future
Just some scumbag motherfuckers
That'll cut up your shooter
Stoned and dead like Medusa
Trench coat hiding my Ruger
I got them blades like I'm Krueger
Then I come back like Looper

Cover: $uicideboy$ - Pontiac $unfire
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