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Bones - SunnyDay lyrics


For me there ain't no finish
I get it then I replenish
I get up and I go get it
While you sitting in the dirt like:
"How he do that? Bones, why you do that?"

Always high, never hiding
That knife, it hop off my body
I let it fly if you doubt it
It will add some miles to your mileage
I make it go

(But you knew that [2x])

It's the graveyard legend, they say that they independent
But they went and hired suits for business, booking, et cetera
It's the ultimate contradiction, I love how they got conviction
Result of false belief in self, it's time to hem up their britches
They swear that they're something different
It's time to hold up the mirror

Let them see what there really is
What there really is

Blunts in the backyard
(Sunny day, sunny day, sunny day)

Blunts in the backyard

Cover: Bones - SunnyDay
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