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$uicideboy$ - Rag Round My Skull lyrics

Drugs in my veins with two hoes on my lap
I ain't gotta roll a thing
I got these bitches for that
I got that smoke by the ounce
I got them pills by the bottle
And if I ever run out
This junkie right here will rob ya

Trappin' out the ocean just so I don't lose focus
I'm always sippin' purple potion, keep them backwoods in motion
Yeah, I use and I sell
Yeah, I'm straight out of hell
You drop my name in any city, bet it's gonna ring bells

Chop it up quick like a brick, I ain't got time for the small talk
Poppin' up quick then I dip, see, I don't wanna be bothered
Just know I hate you mother fuckers and that's from the heart
Buncha blowfish mother fuckers and we are the sharks

Fuck all of y'all, bitch
I don't give a fuck if $uicideboy$ never going to do shit
Still put the pistol in my mouth
Blow the back of my head out
Now I'm going to head out

Slit my fucking throat
Throw me in a shark tank, either that or
You can leave my bloody body in the motherfucking boat

Fuck everything and fuck myself
Fuck what you think
Leave me hanging by a belt
Brain banging with pain
Grey staining is the game
Flames gaining my domain
Staying in the same lane
I ain't never going to change
See me dancing in the street when that motherfucking blood rains
Everybody else is dealt with bitch
Keep your fame and your wealth and shit

Grey 59 [7x]
Cover: $uicideboy$ - Rag Round My Skull
  • 7th or St. Tammany

  • Year
  • 2015

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