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Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis - The Session Cypher lyrics

It's a good night tonight
It's a beautiful night

Smoke [3x]
Ah, bitch
Smoke [3x]
Ah, smoke
Bitch, ah
Smoke [3x]
Ah, float
Ah, float
Smoke [2x]
Smoke [2x]
Ah, smoke, float

Call me Captain Hitsugaya
While I'm smoking frozen fire
Don't you swear that you get higher
'Cause that might make you a liar, bitch
The sky just passes by, as the smoke floats higher
I stay high, bitch, don't ask me why
Bitch, this is my life
I'm alright, I be smoking right
All day and night
I'm on flights, higher than the flight
Do you hear me right?
S.O.S, swing on sight, you bitch
Bitch, you just a bitch
Talk your shit
Boy, I put the whole fleet to your neck
Boy respect, when you see right here
Bitch, I am the king
Ice bling, ice gleam, I froze everything
I'm too clean
Hot water turns cold on me
While you hatin' your girl putting hearts on me
I don't like to really argue, 'cause that's not me
I'll kill you with some facts, then smoke my weed
Everyday I'm only working for what I need
Some of you niggas claim ya'll flexin'
But you lyin' through your teeth

I stay high
Bitch, I stay so high [2x]

We stay high
Bitch, we stay so high [2x]

I sleep in polo clothes
I wake up with 4 hoes
My lungs is filled with smoke
It like I'm on a boat
And I be damned if I live rich then die broke
And I be damned if I give these groupie bitches hope
I fuck her so good that bitch don't moan like a frog, she croak
And bitch I'm counting green, you sitting at home doing 5 reports
Let me know 1 thing, can you answer this?
If you can't relate don't handle it
Bitch, my money growing big like an elephant
I'm low key, but I stay in my element
I can't lie everybody know it's evident
Like a chick, man, you niggas is feminine
Like a witch I'm aboard my enemies
Hold up pause cause you girl keep sending me

Most niggas try pussy
And I ain't even tryin' to waste my energy

Ha, man I been the damn name
And all my niggas ballin'
But we in the same game
All your hoes kick me back
On some Liu Kang shit
And all my old hoes tell me I'm getting too famous
Cover: Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis - The Session Cypher
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