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Bones ft. Xavier Wulf - Trash lyrics


Back when we used to recycle our bottles and cans
Just to get money for dope
Back when we hopped in the van, take what you can
Now we buying the O
People that make it look strange
Peep through my blinds 'cause I know that they know
Bitch, I've been up for some days
Thinking of ways to get out of this hole

Hold up, bitch [2x]
I don't want a problem but if trouble's what you want
Then hold up, bitch
Came from the place where the basement was home
Now the traces are gone
Never be back, no, I never feel bad
But fuck it, I guess here we just trynna move on
Floating down the river with a wood nymph
Cammo so I'm blending with the wood, bitch
Everybody say they from the hood, eh
You ain't never been to the hood, bitch

You know all of my niggas buck as fuck
They don't give a fuck about fucking shit up
And I don't give a fuck about showing niggas love
When I mean mug, I hit a fool then I shoulder shrug
I don't give a fuck if a bitch wanna fuck
All these hoes sluts so I don't let them touch
Nigga, shut the fuck up, fool, you ain't even tough
Trynna play me, I beat him down till I pick him up
Bitch nigga know who the damn Führer
You see my whole fleet, lil' bruh, count 'em up
Hundred million men finna fuck his life up
All I do is watch while the squad cut him up
Fuck a nigga mean? I woke up as a torturer
Cover: Bones ft. Xavier Wulf - Trash
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