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Bones - LayMeInTheRiver lyrics

It's un… it's unbelievable
The story… of my life

Self-hate in my veins while she twisting up my braids
I don't gotta say a thing 'cause she know where I remain
I got memories for days, full of faces with no names
Image stained in my brain of me smoking in the rain
On the porch, fuck a Porsche, we ain't never leaving town
Fuck a job, fuck a gown, we ain't never leaving Howell
But a lot of things changed since CCD
I used to sleep in the house off D-19
Now it's funny 'cause kids want to be like me
'Cause I know they wouldn't like me if they really knew me

I'm making money, but what's it mean?
I think it's funny, 'cause all I think

Is how great life seemed when we were broke
No money, no food, no weed to smoke
But the money here now and we got the dope
And we always eat but I feel alone

And the strange thing is
There's not a sad face to be found
Everyone is just so glad to see you
And send you off right

Cover: Bones - LayMeInTheRiver
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