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Bones - MyFavoriteColorIsRain lyrics

If I see you in the flesh, I hope you know
Your friends aren't around, gotta hold your own
Lay you down, turn you to stone
Lying in the gutter, this is your new home

If you knew me you would hate me
When you meet me you gon' say I thought that he'd be cooler
Everybody trapping now, everybody rapping
Say you doing it but I do it
Riding in the pickup doping
When they get close, don't hold me
Hair pinned up, I'm smoking
No scope but you know I'm loaded, oooh

See that boy get closer, yah
See that boy get roasted
Should've never tried to play me
Just a young scumbag from the dirt roads
No, nothing can change me

Cover: Bones - MyFavoriteColorIsRain
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