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Bones - YourMusicSucksAndYouLookLikeADickhead lyrics

It's light up time

Cash, motherfucker, drop it straight up with the 517 team
With the team that you know don't play
Graveyard villain, let's get it, I'mma get it
If you looking into the darkness out of nothing you will see me
I'm crawling out the shadow
Know it's him like Ville Valo
When you hear that dragging metal
I will carve you like Geppetto
All of you make me fucking sick
Swear you doing shit that nobody did
Everything you done I done already did
Tell me how many times do we gotta do this
See, it starts with us, then it ends with them
For years it ain't stop, no, it never ends
I'm used to the cycle, I'm used to the tendencies
That I get just to do it again

Kill 'em off, kill 'em all, every summer
Summer never coming, we hibernate never

Focus while I'm smoking, where my d-d-d-dope at? [3x]
Focus while I'm smoking, where my…
Cover: Bones - YourMusicSucksAndYouLookLikeADickhead
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