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Bones - YouCanTellAlotAboutAManByTheNeckOfHisShirt lyrics

Hood up, blade out, bitch, I'm ready
Pro club type neck, bitch, I'm heavy
Dirty old shoes but I get clean money
When you get money you don't care about nothing
Still I know that I don't mean nothing
It just feel nice putting food in my stomach
One million blunts and I'm back to the curb
Young white trash came back for the serve

Long hair looking like a young white bitch
But you never see a bitch go like this
Roll my sticks, I'mma show my wrist
And rolls of the diamonds, let it shine, let it glisten

White boys can't listen
Get too mad they don't sound like this
Watch out who you dissing
I don't say a word, you just wind up missing

And it's just like that
When I speak, bitch, don't talk back

Cover: Bones - YouCanTellAlotAboutAManByTheNeckOfHisShirt
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