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Bones - OrderWhatYouWantIWillTakeThePepperonisOff lyrics


The alcohol kills more people than drugs [2x]
Cigarettes [2x]
They kill 325,000 people a year
But what are we required to do?
Subsidize the tobacco industry
I mean, if people wanna really...

All my money go to dope
Even if money coming slow, I still find a way to smoke
But money always coming in
Never signed on the line but I'm paid like I did
The young white devil, all our shows look like they metal
Bones rolling up them petals then I'm back to my vessel
Haven't showered in a week, nothing special about me
I'm just harder than whoever wanna act like the king

Cover: Bones - OrderWhatYouWantIWillTakeThePepperonisOff
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  • 2014

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