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Bones - EmilioEstevez,TheMightyDuckMan lyrics


Everybody hate me now, just wait 'til I drop this
They want to put me on the shelf but I never ever sell
So you could never cop this
Right when they think I'm going left
I go up so rest assured you'll never top this
Spend a year or at least is it yet to release it
I'll teach you how to drop shit

Where all the hype that you had last year?
Nowhere to be found, now it's just so clear
Nobody give a fuck about you and your shit
So go give it up

The nights get cold in Burbank
We light up thirty bones, let it warm the earth's face
Crossed out even the earth's plates
I'm walking at my own pace, still get first place

Spend it all 'cause I know I'll get it back
Spend it all just to get me on the track
Kinda funny when you think about that
People pay me just to kill 'em on wax

Cover: Bones - EmilioEstevez,TheMightyDuckMan
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