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Bones - HairHangDown lyrics


I let my hair hang down like fuck it (fuck it)
I don’t wanna see no busters (busters)
Say the word round town is you buzzin' (buzzin')
Well, that's a lie because we know you nothing (nothing)
We going live from the pit, I'm above you (above you)
He stand in the pit he runnin' (runnin')
If you ever see me at a function
Know a lot's changed, I ain’t there for no huggin'

I think you're better
Think you're better
Think you're better off
If you just paid me no mind
And let me set it off
Now I'm drowning in the pond where
I say my final words

Where did he go? [2x]
Tell me, don't phase me
Now, where did he go?

Where did I go? [2x]
Tell me, don't phase me
Now where did I go?

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