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Bones - HollisterJeans lyrics

Fresh off the porch, undefeated, it's me
Leave you torn and distressed like Hollister jeans
Fuck you and who supports you, they lying through their teeth
I'ma take 'em to the woods, I'ma show 'em how to eat
I bathe in the smoke, I lay in the leaves
The only reason that these pussies wanna say they don't breathe
Everybody wanna be dead, but they don't wanna die
Everybody wanna be us, but I do the same, I ain't gonna lie
I packed the backpack, got up on the last flight
Red eye, black blunts, landed in my next life
Detroit, straight to L-A-X
Still got pebbles in my shoes from the place I left
Everybody that I knew is either dead or almost
How I see it is, I was owed the coast
I've been cold too long, I've been nice, too little
Such a combination making one bad thing for children

I make 'em freeze like Cabella's
When I come around, I don't know how you could be jealous

Never go slow, smart, slide when the flow start
You don't wanna see these eyes in the dark
You don't wanna feel these hands in the night
Veins breaking out my skin, like
Like knives in the fight, like kids in the street
Like tears down my face when I don't got shit to eat
When I'm sitting in my bed, when I don't wanna leave
When I really need some water but I don't got a a key
I don’t… I don’t really have a… key to my own pad

I make 'em freeze like Cabella's
When I come around, I don't know how you could be jealous

Cover: Bones - HollisterJeans
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