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Bones - TheNoiseInsideMyHead lyrics

Saying that you hard but no, I disagree
Thinking we cool but bitch I don't agree
I don't need friends no more
I don't want people
Since this is my dream
I don't even need sleep
Don't know your shit, never heard of your tape
Don't know your bitch, but I bet she heard me
Worry about nothing, you worry about everything
You can do nothing, bitch, I can do anything
Voice of a veteran
Veins of adrenaline
Once he step up to me there is no saving him
I will not pray for him
I will not savour him
I will make sure it's my yard that he laying in
Flame on my Davidson
Ash on my razor
There's nobody like me, for sure no caucasians
The world in my hands
Let it drop to the pavement
I never need payback
I only get payments

Thought I was done
But no bitch I don't stop
Act like you don't care but we know you lie
If you were to give him the offers I got
Put that check in his face and I bet he gon' pop
Go to the club just in hopes that they spot
You get a picture now you think you hot
Walk in your town and I post on your block
Like fuck what you had and fuck what you got
People impressed with you but I am not
I'm strict with this shit
And you missing the plot
River the shit bitch, my last name is Phoenix
I lie in the gutter and stay undefeated
I'm smoking a lot more than you and I promise
You probably be concerned if you were watching so

Just, just don't watch me then, it's fine
You don't have to watch, I'm not asking you to

Cover: Bones - TheNoiseInsideMyHead
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