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Xavier Wulf & Bones - Shiawase No Kajo Sesshu (Happy Overdose) lyrics

Man, Sesh

Slit her throat, watch her die slow
She eatin' pills 'cause I like to watch her overdose
She on the floor takin' in the last breath
I'm in the yard, diggin' graves till she dead

Put some flowers on her chest
Shut both her eyes, give her one last kiss
Too many bodies, yards gettin' crowded
Too many lights, goin' searchin' and I hope they find me

I sit back and smoke my wraps
Time goin' slow but the weed burnin' fast, yeah

Every time I hit the club I'm smokin' weed
All my niggas smokin' and you know we dream
Pourin' hella acid, nigga, I don't sleep
Nigga, I don't sleep, I'm up trynna get some money

Every time I see a hoe that bitch act funny
'Cause she already know I need all her money
I'mma rob my bitch, then I'mma rob my hoe
Nigga, I'm a motherfuckin' pimp on the low

And you ain't even know, and that's yo' hoe
Nigga, let her go
You think you hers, she think she yours
Nigga, y'all wrong, this her thong

It's in my room, I'm in yo' bitch
Yo bitch on me, I ain't even say shit
She walk to me, she said "hello"
I said "hello, bitch, get on the floor"
I said "twerk, if you trynna eat good, bitch" [3x]
Make some money hoe, make some money, bitch

Cover: Xavier Wulf & Bones - Shiawase No Kajo Sesshu (Happy Overdose)
  • ダサい (Lame)

  • Year
  • 2013

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