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Xavier Wulf & Bones - Ki Kapuseru (Ki Capsules) lyrics

Oh shit, nigga, I'm drowning in that acid, nigga
Oh fuck, I don't even know, oh, whooo

A nigga like me gonna smoke everything
All my niggas smoke everything
If you come through with a sack
You ain't getting it back, bitch
We smoking all of that
All my bitches know
If they're trying to chill
They gonna need a sack and some pills
That's just a deal
I'mma keep it real
Because that's what I do
That's what I gotta do
All these niggas trying to hate on me
They're some damn fools
Get your ass put up on the news
And your momma gonna be sad too
Fuck your family, nigga, it's what I do
I don't give a fuck about you
I'm on some acid trying to get some more
And I got my hoe on it too
All her friends trying to come through
They wanna fuck, so they getting nude

Dr. Phil, poppin' pills, counting hundred dollar bills [2x]
Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil, popping, popping all these pills
Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil, counting hundred dollar bills
Dr. Phil, poppin' pills (Bones), popping pills
Popping all these pills and I'm counting all these bills
Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil, popping pills, counting hundred dollar bills [2x]

Cover: Xavier Wulf & Bones - Ki Kapuseru (Ki Capsules)
  • ダサい (Lame)

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

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#2 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

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