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Xavier Wulf & Bones - Shigo (After Death) lyrics

I'm in the house, smoking, oh, me
It's only me and it's so lonely (Sesh)
Nobody fucks with me (Bones)
I walk outside and I'm still lonely (Wulf)

I'm in the world but nobody can see me
I'm in the clouds, lonely
I'm smoking weed and it's all for me
I got some green and it's all for me
I'm with this girl and she's all on me
She got acid and LSD
All for me
Owe her some if you talking to me
Nigga, I need some more money
Twenty dollars and it's just on me
I gotta make it stretch all damn week

I'm holding on to the thought of you
I'm more than gone, it's nothing new
I'm running round, I'm getting cash
I'm flicking ash, I'm getting assets
See your girlfriend tell you that she not, but
But she with me, she with the team and we smoking good
We blowing o's and Febreze like we know we should
I don't give a fuck, never really did
Dropped out of school, didn't give a shit
My parents probably hate me, but I don't give a shit
My daddy wishing I had stayed in fucking school
And my momma fucking wish that I had never been a fool, but

I'm a young white fuck, in the end
So, you really can't change that, so, sorry
I don't give a fuck if you don't understand what I just said
That shit's just for me

Cover: Xavier Wulf & Bones - Shigo (After Death)
  • ダサい (Lame)

  • Year
  • 2013

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