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Xavier Wulf & Bones - San No Otoko (Acid Man) lyrics

(What is it?
I mean, is this guy supposed to be important
Or something like that?)
(Ha, stupid bitch)

LSD on me
You know I got the acid and it's all on me
I be in the party and these girls on me
Because they know I got it on me and it's all on me
Boy, that LSD got these girls on me
And they see me smoking weed so they all on me
And they want that LSD so they all on me
I'm the acid man shawty and I still got weed
If you need it holla at me, if you wanna get it good
Man, I got the hottest sack riding 'round the hood
Everybody call me all day for the goods
Girls all on me for that LSD plug
I be like, damn baby girl showing love
Twerkin' in the club as soon as I walk up
I never get told, no, they just bendin' over and they go
They twerk it so good, I be like whoa whoa
She's so damn thick, I can't even see shit
Around that fuckin' booty, so I'm just staring at it
Everytime I hit the club, I'm smoking weed
In the fuckin' back, with my mo'fucking team
I got 9 real niggas that'll beat your ass quick
And a hundred thousand more if it gets hella serious
Every time I swing around the corner I'm high as fuck
I don't give a fuck, when I see the cops I don't duck
A nigga play on me, and you know I'm getting up
I beat his ass quick, then I'm back on the blunts

Hundred tabs on my tongue
All my bitches grown, but I'm young, and I'm dumb
Switchblade on, please don't step up to me wrong
You don't want a problem, Bones came with the thugs
Drugs in my blood, backwoods in my lungs
Ash on my shirt, dead bitches on my rug
Young Jerry Springer, pimpin' all the baddest bitches
Don't you pass me a swisher if you don't wanna issue
Guttin' all your pre-rolls, dump 'em in my wood
Steppin' on the scene, razor blade on my nuts
Creepin' in the cut, now I'm trippin' in the club
Fuck your boyfriend, don't you tell me you're in love
I know what you want, you can best believe I got it
Highs for the low, and its all for that profit
Bones, sesh

Cover: Xavier Wulf & Bones - San No Otoko (Acid Man)
  • ダサい (Lame)

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  • 2013

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