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Grá - Worms And Crows lyrics

Wretched was living
Woeful was breathing
Vile was the sun
Scorching all sanity

When the wolf came
With the winter
Warmth was ended
Light faded away

A grave was given (was given)
And a casket of oak (of oak)
No wounds were ever healed (ever healed)
And the grave was left (was left)

Come on!
Worms and crows
Inherit the world
Serpents and wolves
Beheld the dragon rise

No icons gave aid
No bible gave comfort
There was no heaven
There was no hope

Praised be the deeds of the Devil

Cover: Grá - Worms And Crows
  • Necrology of the Witch

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Approved by Payne

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    #2 Daily Metal

Black Metal

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