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$uicideboy$ - Ocean $ide $uicide lyrics

I got 1,000 razor blades
Press 'em in your flesh
Take my pitchfork out the fire
Soak it in your chest
Slowly creeping out, through my skin
Dead friends, on a bunch of tens
Slaughter your body
Murder with Oddy
Moderately into photography

Get the autopsy, cut through me
Only to find out that this boy don't bleed
Grab my piece, rest in peace
Just to look in the eyes of the mask
Blast, blast, in his ass
One to the head to make sure he passed
Casket pimping, killers with minds
Lucifer of my time
Cock that nine
Shoot his spine
Leave no witnesses behind
Puff that gas, light it up
I'm just waiting to combust
Chilling in the catacombs
Bunch of dead prisoners

Off the ocean side (ocean side)
Call it suicide
Suicide is no fucking crime in the devil's eyes

I'm the freshest motherfucker in the dirt
To be dead, I had to put in work
Told them to bury me with a couple extra shirts
Because I know when I go to hell
The first one is getting burned off
While you're trying to get turnt up
I'm trying to get turnt off
Swerve off a cliff
Bitch, I'm burning a spliff
Feeling like I am just stuck in a GIF
Come take a dip

Fuck all the fortune and fame
I just want to be tortured and put in a grave
Once I was saved, but all them rainy days
Gave me a reason to become one of Lucifer's slaves
Noose and a blade
Boosting the shade in my brain
Crucify me with a suit and tie
See, I don't mind dying because I will die trying
Never be cruising that wave

I paved my way
I said fuck it, I am never trying to save the day
Yeah, put me on lay away
As I lay in the grave, I slay the prey
You can pray that I stay where I came
In a cave of flames, bitch
I'm grey, I'm a stain
I get blamed for a shady day
I'm tame when I blaze away
I'm dead, no shame in my grave, I'm chained

Off the ocean side (ocean side)
Call it suicide
Suicide is no fucking crime in the devil's eyes
Cover: $uicideboy$ - Ocean $ide $uicide
  • KILL YOUR$ELF Part II: The Black $uede Saga

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