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Pouya ft. Germ - Dandy In Love lyrics

Feeling like Mario, I got you ducking shells
I dun came around the corner to send your ass to hell boy
Bob Saget with the ratchet at your full house
Sad they keep on playing with me
Like a faggot with a sex change, I ain't never been a bitch
I hit the Dougie under water while I twist my wrists
I talk about my dick a lot, 'cause I like to fuck a lot
Getting road dome, doing donuts in the parking lot
Yuh, bitch

Coffee slaying vagabonds, awkwardly walking, humming songs
Writer, burner, working for murder
Cause my palms is itching, dawg
Screaming black and proud
Bustin' at a pack of politicians
Hop back in my scraper Caucasian mask on, I'm back in business
Gripping on that bottle till that liquor finished
Yelling at the fat ho "Like let me slide my dick up in it"
Special guest appearance for the Trayvon killer
And he roll with me, so please don't try my nigga

That pussy got me dancing like I'm not the father
She want me early in the morning like the Pearl Harbor
No surprise
I got a feeling that she like me
Pull up in my Stefan Janoskis
Get on my level
You say you go retarded but your tape was not that special
You the WNBA, nobody watching, bitch
I'm the roadrunner ain't shit that can stop me
Yuh, bitch

One, go, two, like Larry Johnson
Screaming "fuck the police" like I'm straight outta Compton
I ain't spending no money unless I'm pocketing profit
Coast to coast doing shows but they still got me flying coach
See I ain't the one to boast
But I got your bitch making sure that she don't burn my toast
Shit's getting real so I'm pulling out the baby
While still pumping the slug on a fuck boy
Remember that you can die tonight
Don't play with me, just follow me
I'm Satan's prodigy
Got the .44 in case somebody wanna bother me
Hoe, I be chilling let me live, get out yo feelings
You can feel the fucking realness
When we step inside the building
I don't need no fucking manager
You need to talk about some money, I can handle it
Hit one of my lines, on my time (on my time, bitch)
And maybe, just maybe, I'll let you get up on this grind
Cover: Pouya ft. Germ - Dandy In Love
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  • 2015

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