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Psilocybian - Digital Forest Creatures lyrics

Though you may not realize it
This one pound monkey communicates
In a highly sophisticated language
Of 38 distinct calls based on variations of chirps and whistles
The response she just gave is known as a "B chirp"
A call often directed at humans
To appreciate the complexities of Shakira's language
Let's learn a few chirps and whistles
Then examine how their combinations
Form grammatically structured sequences

The chirp Shakira used to greet us
Comes from a class of calls known as
Single frequency modulated syllables
This class is made up of short duration calls or chirps
And long duration calls, like screams and squeals

Cover: Psilocybian - Digital Forest Creatures
  • Various - Mysteries Of Psytrance vol. 6

  • Year
  • 2017

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    #2 Daily Psychedelic/Goa

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