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Ithaka - So Get Up lyrics

The end of the earth is upon us
Pretty soon it'll all turn to dust
So get up
Forget the past
Go outside and have a blast

Go a thousand miles in a jet airplane
Go out of your mind, go insane

To a place you never been before
Eat ice cream or you'll lick the floor

'Cause, the end of the earth is upon us
Pretty soon it'll all turn to dust

Goodbye my friends
Goodbye world

I'll see you in the next life

Cover: Ithaka - So Get Up
  • So Get Up & The Lost Acapellas

  • Year
  • 1993

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This globally famous poem, "So Get Up" was originally written by Ithaka (Ithaka Darin Pappas) in early 1993 for a segment of the program "Bairro Quatro" that he used to regularly appear on hosted by Rádio Comerical - Lisbon, Portugal. This was almost a full year before recording it again with Underground Sound Of Lisbon. Somehow, it was not included publicly on Underground Sound Of Lisbon's release that Ithaka (from California) was not only the lyricist, but did the vocals as well. The song within Portugal was presented as being 100% Portuguese. In addition, in the outside world, the first international release of the record included an un-credited acapella. For this reason more than a thousand mixes of this song exist, using Ithaka's 1994 vocal recording and almost none of them credit the author of a poem that has become an anthem for club and festival attendees around the world.
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