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Exodite - Freddy lyrics

Hello, hello?
Hey, hey wow, day four, I knew you could do it
Uh, hey, listen
I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow
It's-It's been a bad night here, for me

Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you
Uh, when I did
Uh, hey, do me a favor
Maybe sometime, uh
You could check inside those suits, in the back room?
I'm gonna to try to hold out until someone checks
Maybe it won’t be so bad
Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those
Empty heads back there, you know
Oh no

Hello, hello?
Hey you're doing great, most people don’t last this long
I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now
I'm not implying that they died, th-th-that’s not what I meant
Uh, anyway I better not take up too much of your time
Things start getting real tonight

He-hey, listen, I had an idea
If you happen to get caught
And want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy-suit
Uhh, try playing dead

Then again if they think you're an empty costume
They might try to, stuff a metal skeleton into you
I wonder how that would work
Yeah, never mind, scratch that, it's best just not to get caught
Um, okay, I'll leave you to it, see you on the flip side

Cover: Exodite - Freddy
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From the video game "Five Nights At Freddy's" (2014).

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