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$uicideboy$ - The Nail To The Cross lyrics

Double up the cup I think I'm overflowing
Ocean loaded, ashing gold, I'm fucking sold
The Devil stole my fucking soul
Yet I'm still cold, Hell froze
$now Leopard, hoe repeller
Turn a blizzard into fucking Armageddon
Engine revving 7 wars up in the 7th Ward
But I'm number 11
Attention getter
Grey Barretta
Slain' ya whole gang in the motherfucking cellar
Κλείστε την πόρτα
Then I penetrate your γυναίκα
The Demon ingester, I swerve off and total my Tesla

Pop the trunk, watch me flex
Shoot a motherfucker with the AK next
Rather now than later 'cause I want to meet Death
Can't scare a motherfucker even if you got lead
Flies chomp, welcome to the feast
Hit I-12, grab Ruby from the East
Snort a bag of dope, shoot the rest in my feet
Gold on my teeth, it's the beast of the leash
Fuck, sheesh, R.I.P.
Any motherfucker wanna come and try me
Six blades, six bullets, now you 6 feet deep
"$carecrow, $carecrow now you starting to scare me"
Fuck you, bitch I'm from the levees
Where the water ain't steady
Riding 20's on a chevy
Shake all the leaves when my feet hit the ground
I see that you pussy, boy don't make a sound
Cover: $uicideboy$ - The Nail To The Cross
  • Grey Sheep II

  • Year
  • 2016

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Κλείστε την πόρτα = Close the door & γυναίκα = wife
TheVileAteHer 5 years, 4 months ago
Interesting how you can hear something completely different then the actual lyric. I thought "wars up in the 7th Ward, but I'm number 11 (yuh)" was "boys up in the 7th ward will straight dime or 11 YA!" "Dime or 11" is in reference to a Mack 10(dime) or a Mack 11. That was my take anyway.
I also thought "Slain yo whole gang in the mutherfuckin celler" was "Slay yo whole gang in the mutherfuckin 7(th ward)"
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