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$uicideboy$ ft. Pouya - Breakdalaw2k16 lyrics

(Break da law [?x])

Bitch, I be that 7th Ward dragon
Make a wish, I'll fucking grant it
$uicide taken for granted
Burn a fuckboy until he's blackened
Burn a fuckboy until he's charred
7th Ward Charizard
Bitch, I break the fucking law
Pulling over cop cars
Fuck a pig trying to cuff my wrist
Then he saw the slit
"Oh shit! This that Uzi
Motherfucker from the pit!"
7th ward lord grab his sword
Sliced a fucking bitch
Now I'm swerving in the 'vic
'Bout to ride off of a cliff, bitch

Break the law, say "fuck a pig"
Always on that devil shit
Killers from the northside
Rolling in the 7th, bitch
Buck 'em down and bust 'em
Baptized in that tuss
Half cut getting masked up
Coming to rush 'em
Passing judgement on a bitch
Throw 'em in the river
Suicidal killer
Better known as $lick the Reaper
Stoned to the bone
Me and Uzi got the throne
All alone with the tone
Let the bullets take me home, yeah

Tears, blood, sweat for my set
When I pop up in my city
Everybody show respect
I'm a Florida boy
Feel like Kodak Black
Gotta hold the MAC
I thought I told you
Get your hold, don't throw it back
Come through to my cul-de-sac
Don't bring no fellows through
Girl, just me and you
Get down on your knees and I'mma show you what this Nina do
Po-poppin' that Mac-11 and send your body to heaven
Got bald head, big money, that's never ending, yuh

Cover: $uicideboy$ ft. Pouya - Breakdalaw2k16
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