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Cartoon - Keith The Moth lyrics

He may have only been a maggot when he broke free from the egg
But he was young and strong and couldn't do wrong
And this is what his mumma had to say
I want him to be known as Keith the moth
Until the final day that is coming his way
So listen to me boy and you won't go wrong
If you want to live another day

Make like Keith the moth
Keith the moth

She had many fine tales telling about all the fails
When you're living by the moth
If you fly to the sky where the light is so right
You might get to see your wings drop off
Keith ignored his mother, just acted like the others
He was flapping his wings as if he was a king
And he flew to the sky where the light was so bright
Which saw the end of the life of Keith the moth

Make like Keith the moth
Keith the moth

People still come to the grave that bears the name Keith the moth
He was a legend in his day 'cause he showed the way
By flying to the ground in a clockwise spin
Aristocratic moths had shown the way by flying to the grave another way
Then came along Keith the moth with revolutionary ways
To the end of his days

Make like Keith the moth
Keith the moth

Cover: Cartoon - Keith The Moth
  • Ovine/Bovine

  • Year
  • 1995

  • Genre

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  • Approved by Core

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    #4 Daily Rock

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