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Cartoon - Holiday lyrics

Feel inclined to call me Sir
I will be your guide
This is the type of holiday
Destined to change your life
I'd like to know all your names
And your wallets please
There is no need to try and escape
All we need is a fee

And while you're at it, make it a rather large sum at that

No need to worry about all the screams
Coming from inside
The last ones had so much fun
That's what we provide
Losing weight is guaranteed
We will treat you right
Hard work is not our style
We just want to be nice

I may have lied

Feel inclined, call me Sir
Holiday, holiday

You might find that the foods distaste
Leaves you feeling unwell
And sometimes the festering rats
Exude unpleasant smells
A bed of nails is not your style?
Why not try our glass?
If you complain one more time
We will put you on ice, donkey!

Cover: Cartoon - Holiday
  • Ovine/Bovine

  • Year
  • 1995

  • Genre

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  • Approved by Payne

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    #5 Daily Rock

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