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Llamatron - Zombie Or Not Zombie lyrics

- Jones, you all right?
- Yeah, sickbay's fucked, everyone's dead
- We're getting out of here
- How?
- We're taking one of the trucks, this whole place is compromised now
- We'll get as much weapon and ammunition as we can, you got a sidearm?
- No
- You know how to use it

- We need find Carter!
- l haven't seen him
- See if you can grab anyone from the other side of the barracks
- If Carter's there, get him, we're leaving
- Okay, okay

Just be quiet, okay?
Okay, everything's gonna be okay, just be quiet, please

Come on
Com- com- come on

Just be quiet

Fall back! [3x]

Come on [2x]

Fall back! [3x]
(Someone!) [2x]

Come on
Com- com- come on [x2]

Come on [3x]

Cover: Llamatron - Zombie Or Not Zombie
  • Ave Llama

  • Year
  • 2012

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    #10 Daily Dubstep

From the movie "World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries" (2011).

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