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Zatox - My Strength Is Hardstyle lyrics

Yo, yo listen up
I've been told I would become a failure, a junkie
They told me how this was stupid, wrong, not good for me
But through these years this music has given me courage
Objectives, relief when I was upset, when I was tired
When I felt like giving up
I created the strongest bonds, friendships, the best memories
It's not just drinks, parties, it's a way of life
Something priceless, powerful
This music gave me a chance, an identity
This music saved my life

One love, one dream to keep me alive
The reason why I never lose my will to fight
It makes me carry on even through my darkest times
My strength is Hardstyle

Cover: Zatox - My Strength Is Hardstyle
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  • 2016

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Lyrics taken from the following official videoclip:

Lyrics performed by Dave Revan

Full relase:TBA
MoLicious 3 years, 11 months ago
I freaking love this one !! The lyrics is so strong .
Music is an escape; escape who you are, your tears, your fears, and forget what's wrong
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