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Rude Awakening - Uncommon lyrics

Yet there are those who say that I am mad
I'm only seeking
The flatness and misery of common life depress me
I seek because I must exceed the stature of man in both good and evil
I seek because I must be greater than man
For only then will I be the supreme artist


Doors will open beyond which I shall catch a glimpse of the unknown

Let it be wonderful
Or let it be awful
So long as it is uncommon

Something the world has never seen, but

You hear that?
That is my epic
To change the face of the world
To demolish and create

Feel it

They have spread the lie
Their punishment will be a warning
A spectacle of terror

Destroy his house
Every stone to dust
Burn his books
Slaughter his animals
Kill his servants, male, female, eunuch
Every one of them
Beat his memory into the ground


Since when did traitors have the right to question?

To all evil men
Everywhere and forever

Let it be wonderful!
Or let it be awful
So long as it is uncommon!

Cover: Rude Awakening - Uncommon
  • Judas

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  • 2013

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Source is the movie 'Quo Vadis' (1952)
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