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The Speed Freak - Kickin Another Ass lyrics

- Hi there
- Hi, how can I help you?
- Would you like to sign my petition?
- No
- Would you please sign my petition?
- Absolutely not
- Sign my petition dammit
- Not interested
- Look, just sign this stupid petition, I got stuff to do
- Don't make me call the police
- Sign this petition or I will follow you home and kill your dog
- No way, you freaking pinko
- Are you gonna sign this, or will it be your surviving family members?
- Holy shit, he's got a gun!

Yes, I'm meant to do this, Mm-hm
Aah, time to party with mister napalm

Let's blow something up
Burn baby, burn
Slow-roasted goodness

Kicking ass



Did that hurt?

No, more

I wonder where they keep the napalm?
Ah, there it is
And another one bites the dust

And one just because I can
And one because I have ammo left
And one because you are fucklaid
And one for Bobo the space monkey

And one for little Johnny napalm
And one to grown on
And one for your mother
Infidel, I crash a plane at your mother!

Well, who'd thought that would happen?

You propably thought you weren't gonna die today

And another one bites the dust (bites the dust [4x])

Time to party with mister napalm

Kicking ass



Did that hurt?

No, more

What the hell just happened?

What the hell is that?

And done

Mission accomplished

Uh say, I've been meaning to ask
Is there someone else hanging around inside my mind?

Cover: The Speed Freak - Kickin Another Ass
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  • 2015

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A remake/remix of Cat Killers - Kicking Ass.
From the video game 'Postal 2' (2003).

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