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DJIPE - I Am Not A Serial Killer lyrics

My mother's just about alive
And she said "do you want the citrus fruit?
Because I got a fuckload of it"
I said "I don't want no citrus fruit
It makes my hair go funny"
She said "are you a serial killer?"
I said "no, I'm not a fucking serial killer"
I said "I ain't no serial killer
I killed a bunch of people but they were one-offs there was no series"
"How many people you kill?" she say
I say "I don't know, 210? 215?
I lost count
I don't like counting"
She said "where did you put the bodies?"
I said "I just let them go
Released them into the wild"

So one guy that I killed came up to my house the next day
He says "what the fuck"
I said "quit whining
Back in my day we didn't whine
We didn't get nothing from whining"

I went back down to the system office and I said
"Why are they all whining?
Every fucker's whining out here
What's going on with the systems?"
And he says "hey, I don't know nothing"
He says "what the fuck"

You motherfucker [2x]
I'm not a fucking serial killer

He says "what the fuck"
The fuck

You motherfucker
The fuck [3x]

You motherfucker
You better have motherfucking learnt something dicksucker"
And he said "I have"
He looked in the dictionary and looked up a word
I can't remember what the word was
But I said "Good"
Cover: DJIPE - I Am Not A Serial Killer
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The Vocals are taken from the video "I Am Not A Serial Killer"
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