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Geck-o & Mandi Astola - The Cell lyrics

Evolution is a strong word and revolution a weak one
The guard put down a porridge
Spoke harsh words in a foreign language and left
I shivered and water drip from my hair, like a tears on a concrete
I was left alone with a cat, that slid between the bars on my window
Eyes fixed dreamly on mine

Until now, I dreamt of nothing but the day of freedom
Televisions left screaming in joy in the living rooms
As the young and old come out of their houses
Neighbors looking over at each other
And sun's rising in all their eyes, flooded with tears of victory

But now, the future gleaned dreary before me in the cell
Never again would I wake up in our summer house in the forest
Never see my mother again or hear the eternal roar of the ocean
Half drunk on my friend's boat
Talking about how we were gonna be heroes
Never see their dear faces again

All I can do is sit, watch my body wither and slowly go mad
"We're all mad here" the animal spoke

My heart sank and I couldn't hold back my tears
The cat sat up, jumped off the window, sat on my sink
And came very close to my ear

It whispered:
"If you squint your eyes
You can see the forest in the cracks and speckles at the floor
And if you touch your cheek to a lukewarm porridge
It feels like your mother's cheek to yours
And if you put your ear to the sink
On a quiet nights you can hear the ocean
You can talk to me whenever you like
And if I like you, I'll teach you how to vanish"

Cover: Geck-o & Mandi Astola - The Cell
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