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Pythius - BBT lyrics

Eighty billion trillion miles from home
Thirteen and a half billion years ago
The very instant of the Big Bang
The most violent, most creative moment in history
Everything that's ever happened follows from this moment
This is it, we've made it
Every religion, every culture, has pondered it
But we still don't know what sparked this act of creation or why
This is where our journey ends

And the universe begins

An infinitely hot, small, dense point erupts
Creating space, time, matter, our universe itself
First, it's the size of a subatomic particle
Moments later, it's the size of the Earth
Today, the light from the Big Bang is still spreading out
You can hear it as a radio hiss
See it as television static
And the universe begins

Cover: Pythius - BBT
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From the documentary 'Journey To The Edge Of The Universe' (2008).

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